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Norwegian Punk from Our Pals “Goldenboy”

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Norwegian Alt-Rockers / Punk band “Goldenboy” perform “The Escape” for Raw Travel TV. See Goldenboy featured in upcoming episodes “Norway? Yes Way” followed by “Fjordtastic Norway” in February 2016.



New Music Video from Tarakany!

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Our Russian pals Tarakany! have been busy with a new video for their song titled “What Can I Change?” Enjoy!

“This is a song about those who, in our opinion, make profit on all wars in the world. It’s about those who, for the sake of their dirty, cruel intentions, are ready to bang peoples’ and nations’ heads and who never stops on this terrible way “, – says Dmitry Spirin, the frontman of Tarakany!  “We do not live in a vacuum, so it often happens the topics for our songs come from the environment. “What can I change?” is not an exception. This is our response and our position to the war in Ukraine (in particular) and any other wars on the planet Earth.”


This song isn’t on there but be sure to check out Tarakanys English language debut “Russian Democrazy” on Punk Outlaw Records. It’s a good one.

Johnny 2 Bags in Concert

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Johnny Two Bags of Social Distortion (and Youth Brigade) fame is pursuing a solo career and I had the chance to hear some of his stuff the other night at the Mercury Lounge in NYC’s lower east side. Here is a little sample of Mr. Wickersham (his real name)

NEW MUSIC POLAND – Brains All Gone

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IMG_6092Remember these cool ladies from Brains All Gone in Krakow, Poland.. well they’ve hit the big time and  here is their latest single… March of Youth.. Gotta love that Eastern European punk attitude.

New Music from Los Suziox

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Los Suziox

Los Suziox


Los Suziox from Medellin, Colombia may be the best punk you have never heard of.

I’ve known them for a while now and they’ve got a new kick ass song out… here is Por Devocion (For Devotion) by Los Suziox. Enjoy!

You can hear more from Los Suziox HERE. 

New Mexico Rockabilly on Raw Travel

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Felipe Ossa, founder and lead singer of Dorados Rockabilly Trio will be featured in this weekend’s episode of Raw Travel – Artistic Santa Fe & Taos. Why is a Colombian rockabilly artist featured in a show about New Mexico you ask? Great question!

The fact is that for Felipe, New Mexico is a 2nd home and where he’s likely to be playing with his pals from the local rockabilly band “Cowboys & Indian”  (yes, two cowboys and just one Indian). These guys are a hoot and Felipe’s new solo project, Phil Rocker, is taking off.

It’s all coming up this weekend (10/31 & 11/1/15) on Raw Travel. Click HERE for a list of 142 cities in the U.S. where you can catch the show.

In the meantime, below is a sneak peek of the episode as well as a link to the Dorado’s breakout video “Bettie Page Donde Estas?” (Bettie Page – Where Are You? ).



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WARNING – good punk, rockabilly and even metal music coming up this season! 

Goldenboy in Norway

Goldenboy in Norway



-  Nation’s #1 Most-Watched Authentic Adventure Travel Series Continues Big Growth Spurt - 

NEW YORK, NY:  September 30th, 2015 – AIM Tell-A-Vision® Group (AIM TV) announced today that the syndicated television series Raw Travel® will debut its 3rd season this weekend in over 140 cities representing 91% of the U.S. and over 103 million homes. Season 3 indicates another big growth spurt for the series with almost twice the distribution from its premiere two years ago.

The show now firmly ranks as the #1 most watched authentic travel series in the United States, beating all comers on cable, broadcast and digital, ranking in the top 10 compared to cable nets on weekends for key demographics. Season 3 will see the addition of over 25 new cities, including all top 50 markets and 95 of the largest 100 cities in the U.S. almost guaranteeing continued audience growth.

Raw Travel’s momentum was demonstrated this past August, typically a low point for television viewing, when the show saw its highest audience to date. On back-to-back weeks viewers tuned in to more than double the previous year’s audience levels.

International viewers are also getting a taste of Raw Travel with outlets in Europe, Asia, Africa as well as other key territories which are licensing the series and sharing the Raw Travel movement with viewers.

Raw Travel’s upcoming episodes showcase authentic and alternative sides of popular destinations such as Southeast Asia, kicking off with Foodtastic Philippines and then a road trip to the Great North American Western Frontier with stops in New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Wyoming and South Dakota, and later showcasing the natural beauty of Norway.

One of the highlights of Season 3 is an emotional journey to the Oglala Lakota Sioux Reservation in Pine Ridge, South Dakota. The Pine Ridge Reservation is the 2nd poorest county in the United States and an area plagued by the lowest life expectancy in the Western Hemisphere, rampant teen suicide and substance abuse. The Producers visited Pine Ridge during the 4th of July U.S. Independence Day weekend and discovered reasons for optimism and hope among the heartbreak. Raw Travel Pine Ridge – Tribal Tourism will premiere in late November.

“This ride has been wildly more successful than even I could have imagined or hoped. I’m often humbled to the point of tears by the generosity of spirit I’m encountering in my travels. I’m grateful every day for the opportunity to share this journey with the world and hopefully be able to offer inspiration for others to embark on life changing adventures of their own,” states Robert G. Rose, Executive Producer and Host.

Raw Travel is an adventure travel and lifestyle series showcasing the rapidly growing wave of socially and environmentally aware, independent travel. The series weaves together themes of ecotourism, voluntourism (giving back) with underground music and authentic culture in a way unique to U.S. television. More information can be found at and viewers can visit for a complete listing of cities, affiliates and time slots in the U.S.

RAW TRAVEL_NORWAY_with logo                                                        



AIM TV is an independent content, production and distribution company founded by media executive and entrepreneur Robert G. Rose. AIM TV aspires to produce and distribute positive, compelling content that reflects its mission of presenting Media That Matters. Visit and for more information.

Some Punk Music From Thailand

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We traveled to Chiang Mai, Thailand earlier in the year where we were treated to a punk show put on just for the the crew at Raw Travel at the venue 7 pounds, so I wanted to share the video, just for you. It features our pals, the Canadian ex-pat duo of Bobkat, local Thai musicians Ugly Mountain and the local punk rock band Stomper 191.


Los Suziox in Quito, Ecuador – Potent Punk

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Los Suziox in Quito


A birds-eye view of the potent punk scene in Quito, Ecuador with our buddies Los Suziox playing one of their songs off their EL FIN JUSTIFICA LOS MEDIOS (The End Justifies the Means) out now on Punk Outlaw Records.


Tarakany! Bags of Bones Unplugged

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Tarakany Acoustic Seg

Our Russian pals Tarakany! playing an acoustic set of “Bags of Bones’ off their Russian Democrazy CD out now on Punk Outlaw Records.

They sound really good unplugged don’t you think?