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Tarakany! and Anti-Flag “God & Police”

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Tarakany’s! (Cockroach) 1st English language CD “Russian Democrazy” features a killer track entitled “God & Police” with Chris Barker from Anti-Flag singing along and perhaps not surprisingly, it’s one of my favorites on the entire CD.

All hype and self serving BS aside, Russian Democrazy never gets old being put on repeat on the old ipod and I think the guys did a 1st class job on selecting tracks for their English language debut. If you haven’t heard it yet, you should.



Viewers of Raw Travel get a taste of Tarakany! every few weeks when we’re able to squeeze in a short commercial promoting “Russian Democrazy” and it seems to be working. Last week, I had to restock our CD Baby account as people actually wanted some physical CDs, rather than just a download off of itunes.

Look, I don’t care how you choose to listen so long as you give good music like this a good listen. Russian Democrazy is just too good and Tarakany! too damned legendary of a talent in Russia to not get some love here in the U.S.

Who knows, maybe Obama and Putin can get together and solve the Ukraine crises while listening to a little Russian Democrazy as inspiration?

Hot off the press here is a recent video from Antiflag & Dima from Tarakany performing said track, “God & Police” for an enthusiastic crowed.

IF you like what you see/ hear, help us spread the word about our Russian pals Tarakany! and the cool music they are putting out.

Bringing a Plethora of Punk Attitude to the Masses

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First of all I’d like to thank everyone who supported us during our 1st season of Raw Travel. There are too many folks to thank individually but without their help, we’d never be where we are.

And where are we exactly? Well, in just about every major city in the United States effective with our 2nd season which begins Oct. 4th, 2014. We are in 50 of the top 50 cities and overall in 110 cities and almost 100 million homes on a variety of CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox, CW & My TV affiliates all over the country. All while remaining 100% independent. No, it’s not easy in the least and it’s super rare but we are doing it.

And I think you will see the show is getting better each and every new episode. I hope so. Otherwise, what’s the point.

Our travel’s through Eastern Europe put us in touch with a plethora of punk rockers, misfits and general malcontents.

KRAKOW, POLAND: Things kicked off righteously in Krakow, Poland with “Brains All Gone” and a lovely acoustic performance from a trio of truly impressive young ladies who, in spite their band name, are very, very smart… and talented.

Brains All Gone

Brains All Gone

PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC: From Krakow we traveled by train to the Czech Republic and hooked up with Woody of the psychobilly band Rocket Dogz who took us on a cool rockabilly & psychobilly shopping excursion at Lucky Hazzard in Prague. Man I was wishing I’d brought more luggage.

Hanging at Lucky Hazzard

Hanging at Lucky Hazzard

SLOVAKIA: Then we bussed it down to Bratislava, Slovokia where we hooked up with Kto Chce Co Chce (Do What You Like) for a kick ass rehearsal that rocked the old communist chemical warehouse that now host bands and artists from all over the city. The security guard flipped out at our cameras and the guys spoke zero English while we spoke zero Slovakian but we all spoke punk rock (well not the security guard, she just spoke “flip out”) and it all worked out.

 Kto Chce Co Chce

Kto Chce Co Chce

BUDAPEST, HUNGARY: From there we traveled to Budapest where my pal Rocco from the punk band Bankrupt met us out and show us around the city sites of Old Buda.

With Rocco from Bankrupt! in Budapest

With Rocco from Bankrupt! in Budapest

SERBIA: Then we trained it again, this time down to Novi Sad, Serbia and hooked up with our new pal Dasko and the gang of Red Union who were organizing a punk concert with various bands to benefit a friend’s sick child with mounting medical bills. Red Union kicks ass but even more inspiring was watching the different musicians banding together for a good cause.

Red Union Concert - Novi Sad

Red Union Concert – Novi Sad

Then it was on to Belgrade, where this time, after two years of skyping, facebooking and emailing I finally met Darko, formerly of UPS    (Serbian Acronym for “Stand Against the System) and now with Kvazimodoa (Quazimodo in English), in the flesh. Darko came in by bus from his home town with his band mates, gave us an interview, a CD and then proceeded to show us around town before the guys had to bus it back home. It felt good to finally meet the famous Darko!

With Darko & the guys from Kvazimodo

With Darko & the guys from Kvazimodo

BUCHAREST, ROMANIA: Then it was off to Bucharest, another spot I’d been to in 2012. We headed over to the legendary Underworld Club owned & run by Gabby from the band Molotov Cocktail  (and former sound man of CBGBs from the 90s until the bitter end). After interviewing the now legendary Gabby we participated in a music video shoot for my good pals, the horror punk band Raizing Hell, who, from the look and sound of things are really going places (stay tuned for their new music video possibly featuring a cameo by someone you know coming soon).

Gabby - Underworld

Gabby – Underworld


Raizing Hell Video Shoot

Raizing Hell Video Shoot

RUSE, BULGARIA: After hitting Transylvania and visiting Dracula’s castle (and an impromptu stop to help some herders milk their sheep) we headed to the border town of Ruse, Bulgaria and met the wild guys of Scroletics. These guys are intense and you won’t find them on facebook or twitter. They are 100% underground and you’ll only see them on Raw Travel and/or right here (or you can go to Ruse, Bulgaria.. a not altogether bad idea).

Scroletics of Bulgaria

Scroletics of Bulgaria

NEW YORK CITY: But we’re not done, our NYC Underground show is set to debut 10/24-10/25 and it’s got some killer rockabilly music from our pal Laura of the Screamin’ Rebel Angels and all her Brooklyn pals, as well as a freak show including sword swallowing from our pal Adam Realman in Coney Island. Jimmy, from the famed “Trash & Vaudeville” give’s yours truly a punk makeover and I have to say, it was as fun as it looks and a whole bunch more kiddies, you’ll just have to tune in.

With Laura Rebel Angel  & the Boulevard Bombers at Slap Back in Brooklyn

With Laura Rebel Angel & the Boulevard Bombers at Slap Back in Brooklyn

So yeah, it’s going to be a great season 2 for Raw Travel which begins Oct. 4th in the U.S. with plenty of punk, rockabilly and underground culture to go around. I hope you’ll stay tuned. To reward your loyalty, here is a little taste of what you can expect!

Punk From Bogota

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Anyone following this blog for any period of time knows that Bogota, Colombia is one biggest hotbeds of punk rock music I’ve been around.

Bogota Fans

I’ve traveled a good part of the world and I can tell you it doesn’t get much more hard core than Bogota.  Pietra BarrettA is a Bogota based band and they’ve got some new stuff out.. Take a look/listen below.


Bulgarian Punk Band – Scroletics

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We finished up our summer 2014 tour of Eastern Europe in the Balkans and the lovely Bulgaria. In the friendly, small river town of Ruse I ran across this somewhat angry band Scroletics.

But don’t let the energetic music fool you, the guys are super nice, (I hung out with them after rehearsal).This song was actually inspired by the lead singer’s little daughter!

I guess punk music is a good way to keep a lid on things.

…or not. As you wish.


ABC No Rio – NYC’s (New) Legendary Punk Venue

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Ask any punk who has visited NYC in the last 5, 10 or 15 years and chances are they stopped by ABC No Rio, New York City’s new reigning champion for punk music in the big apple since CBGB’s much publicized demise.

We wanted to show them a little well deserved love so we were thrilled to be able to feature them on the latest episode of Raw Travel - NYC Part 1 and to hopefully spread some of the good energy they’ve been putting out in their community over the years.

Here is a special, web only extended version for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

Serbian Punk Hot Bed

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Novi Sad, Serbia – We rolled into town just 2 hours before the big punk rock concert and fundraiser, threw our luggage in the apartment and headed out to China Town and Route 66 to see a killer Serbian Punk Show headlined by our new pal Dasko and his band Red Union.

Killer show, killer crowd and I’m including pics and video for you to get a little taste of the action there. Dasko is also a radio DJ and a smart dude, he and his equally smart & funny sister showed our “Raw Travel” cameras around the lovely town of Novi Sad in what may end up being the most entertaining on camera tour I’ve ever participated in.

Wish you could have been here but since you couldn’t, here is the next best thing.


Novi Sad, Serbia’s Awesome Punk Rock

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red union

Looking very forward to hanging with the guys from Red Union and more this Saturday night when we’ll be in Novi Sad, Serbia on our way to Belgrade to hook up with our old pals there.

Slovokian Punks Rock!

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I’ve traveled far and wide to bring you the best punk music from the far corners of the earth but this one ranks in the top 10. The guys from ! Kto Chce Co Chce (Do Whatever You Like) in Bratislava, Slovakia spoke little to no English and my Slovakian is even worse.. but speaking the international language of punk, we made it happen.

10418471_724429600928643_805037849920239348_nThey rehearse in an old communist chemical factory now abandoned on the outskirts of town. The complex’s security personnel freaked out completely when they saw our cameras, but after we entered we rolled camera anyway.

On the way out, saw the biggest damned jack rabbit I’ve ever seen in my life. What has that to do with Slovakian punk? Nothing I guess but geez, I had to tell someone about it.

Check them out, these guys really rock! And then go do whatever you like… it’s all good!

Dorados Rockabilly Trio in Los Angeles

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LOS ANGELES: Here is your chance to hear Colombia’s best kept secret, the Dorados Rockabilly Trio.

This Sunday, June 15th at Eastside Luv Wine Bar presents QueSos Pachuco Boogie Night from 5pm – 2AM

It’s a special night in Los Angeles to celebrate Fathers day and Commemorate The 71st anniversary of the Zoot Suit Riots.

Dorados Gig

Remember and Honor The Pachuco and the Pachuca with A special Art Show with some of Los Angeles most Talented artists titled “”Resistance with Style”: Expression & Empowerment through the Power of Zoot!”

Performances by Pachuco Jose and His Jubilee Train and a very special one night only U.S. appearance from our pal Felipe (AKA Phil Rocker) of The Dorados Rockabilly Trio.

There will be a special Rumba Dance Performance and Bolero Set by the incredibly talented and beautiful Elizabeth Aguayo LB Prez.

Free giveaways and Raffles with paid admission after 8pm. Art Exhibit is from 5pm to 8pm and is free before 8pm.

Wish I could be there to see my buddy Phil Rocker and his U.S.A debut but I’m in Eastern Europe filming for Season 2 of Raw Travel. Hope you can make it out and if you do.. . tell them Punk Outlaw sent ya!

Here is Dorados video “Bettie Page” that we filmed for them on location in Venice Beach just a couple years ago. My how time flies!

Poland’s “Brains All Gone”

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We’re filming for Raw Travel in Krakow, Poland and we stumbled across this killer all-girl punk/alternative band “Brains All Gone”. I assure their brains are completely in tact, just take a listen to their lyrics.

These guys are the real deal.

They played acoustic set for our cameras and it was nothing short of impressive. Until we get some video uploaded here is a little taste of what you can expect from their debut music video “Education”.

Visit them HERE and tell them “Punk Outlaw” sent you.