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French-Canadian Punk, NYC History & Mexican Garage

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French Canadian Punk? Of course it exist… does that surprise you? Didn’t think so.

Check these guys “Action Sedition” from “Rebel Time Records” out HERE.

And do any of you remember the Virtual Punk Tour of NYC? I blogged about HERE a couple years ago. Well, it’s coming to life in a couple weeks when we produce our final episode of the season of “Raw Travel”. I’m looking for a local NYC based punk aficionado or just a curious person to show me around. If you are interested, please hit me up HERE.  But do it quickly!


And to reward you for reading this far, I leave you with some Mexican Garage Punk from our buddies “Los Pipas de la Paz” (Peace Pipes) down in Mexico City. Love these guys!

Serbian Punk Rock from our buddy Darko

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KVAZIMODO from Serbia

KVAZIMODO from Serbia

Darko, formerly with Serbian punk rockers UPS (Stand Against the System), has a new band “Kvazimado” and a new sound. Check out their new song “Revolution”.

If you missed my travels to Belgrade back in 2012, you can check them out



Check out UPS’ music on Punk Outlaw Records HERE

Time to hang with my pals from UPS! in Serbia

Darko’s old band UPS (Darko in middle)




I Generally Don’t Like Hip-Hop BUT…

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…I do like this song “Be Free” from the Black & Mexican LA based artist, Kemo the Blaxican. 

Yup, this isn’t some commercial crap being spewed by hate and negativity.

Jay Z may be rich but at what cost? The “N” word is common now and women are commonly referred to as “Hos” & “Bitches” while Beyonce (Jay Z’s wife) makes a fine living building up the women he’s just torn down.

Russell Simmons may be a self-proclaimed yogi but he also has a gold toilet. P-dummy is still, well, annoying as hell.

DH Photo Shoot (31)

But Kemo, well Kemo the Blaxican, his stuff is from a whole different angle.  Even the title of his CD, “The Upside Of Struggle” suggest something more thought provoking and yes, I’ll say it, “real”.

For too long, “real” has been the excuse to justify negativity. Nice to see an artist who can be “real” and positive at the same time. They are not mutually exclusive. Life is both good and bad. No need focusing on the bad all the time.

As I said in the title, I don’t generally dig hip hop but I do enjoy Kemo’s music. I thought you might too.

Some Ska from Costa Rica

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We don’t get a chance to cover as much Ska as I’d like. I’m a big fan of ska but it’s popularity has really seemed to wane over the years in the U.S. But internationally, it’s hot. I fell in love with Los Kaites” a cool Ska group in San Jose, Costa Rica when we were filming “Raw Travel” down there over the summer.

We were able to take in a rehearsal of a couple of their tunes and their music is simply infectious live. I plan on posting a video of their rehearsal soon, but in the meantime, you can catch them on “Raw Travel” this weekend when we head to Costa Rica. Visit HERE to find out where to watch in your neck of the woods.

Flyer_Costa Rica

San Jose, CA’s – “Buried At Birth”

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Buried at Birth

Buried at Birth is a hardcore, female fronted bunch from San Jose, California. I don’t know much about them, but thought I’d give them a little shout out on here just because they were cool enough to check out the show “Raw Travel” and “got it”… and let’s face it, the name is attention getting is it not?

If you are a hard core fanatic, I think you’ll agree it’s not the only thing worth noting about these guys.. Find out more about these Buried at Birth HERE and enjoy a full set they posted on you tube for their fans.


Tarakany! Rat’s Races Russian Version

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Here is a pretty cool video of the original Russian version of Tarakany!’s “Rat’s Races” which is featured on their Russian DemoCrazy release.

Now if we could just get it to stop snowing in the U.S. and start snowing in Sochi. Oh and how about an exchange with Russia.. we’ll give them Justin Bieber and we get to keep Pussy Riot?

This Weekend on Raw Travel – Mexico City Raw

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Flyer_Mexico City

It’s finally here.. Feb 8th-9th get ready as the Raw Travel crew heads to Mexico City to check out the legendary El Chopo Market, a massive underground, rock-n-roll swap meet and flea market.  Featuring appearances and music from our buddy Alex Blue of Normandie Blue.

Tune in, it’s gonna be fun.

Here’s a little behind the scenes for ya.

Find out where to watch HERE.


O.K. Some Rockabilly – Swing Music From Colombia

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Dorados Video

You guys know my amigo, Andres, from Dorados Rockabilly Trio in Medellin, Colombia… Well, Dorados is kicking butt all over Latin America and it  turns out my man recently married and his wife is in the family business of music as well. Congratulations guys!


Her name is Karen Ortiz (KO) and her band is O.K!  and they are not just OK, they are good. O.K just came out with this catchy little diddy, “Happy Mind” (Who doesn’t want/need one of those?), and I thought I’d share it with you.  Enjoy and if you dig it, you can like OK’s facebook fan page HERE. 


Punkabilly…. Uruguay Style

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This weekend 2/1 & 2/2 on Raw Travel it’s a little punkabilly, Uruguay style with rockers, Rudos Wild.

Rudos Wild Rehearsal

Be sure to tune in. Find out where & when here is what else you can expect.

Listen to some cool Mexico City Music – Las Pipas

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With Los Pipas Garage Band

With Los Pipas Garage Band