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Novi Sad, Serbia’s Awesome Punk Rock

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red union

Looking very forward to hanging with the guys from Red Union and more this Saturday night when we’ll be in Novi Sad, Serbia on our way to Belgrade to hook up with our old pals there.

Slovokian Punks Rock!

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I’ve traveled far and wide to bring you the best punk music from the far corners of the earth but this one ranks in the top 10. The guys from ! Kto Chce Co Chce (Do Whatever You Like) in Bratislava, Slovakia spoke little to no English and my Slovakian is even worse.. but speaking the international language of punk, we made it happen.

10418471_724429600928643_805037849920239348_nThey rehearse in an old communist chemical factory now abandoned on the outskirts of town. The complex’s security personnel freaked out completely when they saw our cameras, but after we entered we rolled camera anyway.

On the way out, saw the biggest damned jack rabbit I’ve ever seen in my life. What has that to do with Slovakian punk? Nothing I guess but geez, I had to tell someone about it.

Check them out, these guys really rock! And then go do whatever you like… it’s all good!

Dorados Rockabilly Trio in Los Angeles

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LOS ANGELES: Here is your chance to hear Colombia’s best kept secret, the Dorados Rockabilly Trio.

This Sunday, June 15th at Eastside Luv Wine Bar presents QueSos Pachuco Boogie Night from 5pm – 2AM

It’s a special night in Los Angeles to celebrate Fathers day and Commemorate The 71st anniversary of the Zoot Suit Riots.

Dorados Gig

Remember and Honor The Pachuco and the Pachuca with A special Art Show with some of Los Angeles most Talented artists titled “”Resistance with Style”: Expression & Empowerment through the Power of Zoot!”

Performances by Pachuco Jose and His Jubilee Train and a very special one night only U.S. appearance from our pal Felipe (AKA Phil Rocker) of The Dorados Rockabilly Trio.

There will be a special Rumba Dance Performance and Bolero Set by the incredibly talented and beautiful Elizabeth Aguayo LB Prez.

Free giveaways and Raffles with paid admission after 8pm. Art Exhibit is from 5pm to 8pm and is free before 8pm.

Wish I could be there to see my buddy Phil Rocker and his U.S.A debut but I’m in Eastern Europe filming for Season 2 of Raw Travel. Hope you can make it out and if you do.. . tell them Punk Outlaw sent ya!

Here is Dorados video “Bettie Page” that we filmed for them on location in Venice Beach just a couple years ago. My how time flies!

Poland’s “Brains All Gone”

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We’re filming for Raw Travel in Krakow, Poland and we stumbled across this killer all-girl punk/alternative band “Brains All Gone”. I assure their brains are completely in tact, just take a listen to their lyrics.

These guys are the real deal.

They played acoustic set for our cameras and it was nothing short of impressive. Until we get some video uploaded here is a little taste of what you can expect from their debut music video “Education”.

Visit them HERE and tell them “Punk Outlaw” sent you.

Degrees of Freedom (DOF) Interview

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Check out my buddies from Degrees of Freedom. See a performance and then an interview.

Rudos Wild – New Video

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Here is a new music video from our old pals down in Uruguay.. Rudos Wild. They have a new CD coming out soon. Stay tuned.

Serbia Needs Our Help

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Serbia, where I visited in 2012 and home to Concrete Worms, UPS & our buddy Darko is undergoing the worst flooding and natural disaster in over the 120 years they’ve been keeping records of such things.

As this humanitarian crisis unfolds, we are prepping a trip there next month to film for “Raw Travel”. If you have the means, please help them by donating to the Red Cross or other organizations. Click the pic to learn how.serbia floodsPhotos courtesy of our pal “Darko”

Siberian Punk? Tell Me More

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You may have blinked and missed an article I wrote on the Russian Punk & underground Music Scene back in 2010 when I went to Moscow & St. Petersburg for 8 days. It was one of my most amazing trips ever and turned me on to one of my favorite bands to this day, Tarakany! (Cockroach).

During the course of that trip, I missed an opportunity to meet Vladimir Kozlov, a Russian journalist with deep punk rock interest. After returning to the states, Vladimir was kind enough to do a Q&A with me and if you missed it you can read his Q&A HERE.

“Traces in the Snow” (teaser) from Vladimir Kozlov on Vimeo.

Vladimir is now raising funds to produce a documentary “Traces in the Snow” about Siberian Punk music. Given Siberia’s political history (where political prisoners were sent to live), East vs. West rhetoric going on today and just the unusual nature of punk music in a former communist territory would be completely fascinating.

Vlad is raising funds on Indigogo and we wanted to support his efforts by re-posting here. If you have $5, $10 or more¬† to support Vlad’s efforts, I’m sure he’d not only appreciate it but you’d have an even better time watching the flick when it comes out.

More info on the fundraising effort below and you can view the trailer to the film above:


NYC Underground & Boston’s OC 45

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I’ve got lots to report on our taping of Raw Travel – Underground NYC.

Basically we spent all last week trolling around the East Village, LES, Williamsburg & Coney Island getting good old look at the punk & underground scenes still very much in existence in the Big Ole Apple. Fear not my friends, punk is very much alive and well in NYC and we hope to shed some light on that via Raw Travel – NYC in just a couple of months.

I’ve got some serious editing, writing and planning for our next trip to Eastern Europe next month (Yikes!)… I’m so not ready.

So i”m gonna keep this short and sweet and just say thanks to my pals Angel Rivera, Jimmy from Trash & Vaudeville, the ladies at Tatyana (formerly Bettie Page) on Bowery, wonderful, wonderful Laura Rebel Angel and The Screamin’ Rebel Angels for hooking us up in Williamsburg (Beaner Bar, Slap Back, Human Head Records, etc.) and for playing a special show for us at The Grand Victory (Thanks Sean for hooking that up!) and to Adam “Real Man” for his sword swallowing, side show school out in Coney Island (When there you’ve got to check out Lola Star Boutique, such cool, weird, awesome stuff!) .

And last but not least the cool folks at the collective ABC No Rio down in the Lower East Side. Good people there and I won’t name them all but Spencer, Blaise, Steven & Julia hooked us up and were so damned cool. I hope we can do the story justice as they have a lot of history and story to tell.

And I’d like to thank these guys, the OC 45 from Boston, Mass who so kindly let us record some of their set at the matinee show at ABC No Rio last Saturday. Man I dug their music and man they can put on a show. My suggestion… find these guys when they are touring our head up to Bean Town and chase them down and take in a performance. But bring ear plugs.. these guys play loud and proud. Here are some photos from our shoot and here is a snippet from OC 45 at ABC No Rio. Enjoy!


Free Show This Friday with Screamin’ Rebel Angels

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Raw Travel NYC episode is wrapped (Debuts July 4th weekend in the U.S.) and it was a great shoot.

We covered LES, East Village, a little punk history and the current state of rockabilly/psychobilly in good old Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It was a hell of a good time and it’s not over. We’re offering a final wrap party this Friday, May 2nd at The Grand Victory¬† in, where else, Brooklyn, NYC! Come one, come all and did I mention… it’s FREE!?

More info HERE.

Thanks to Laura and the gang at Screamin’ Rebel Angels.

Here is a taste of what to expect.