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The Review – Hard Times & Nursery Rhymes..

This “review “has been months in the making but I figure if it took Social Distortion 6 years to come out with a new CD then it can take me 6 months to find the time and energy to write about it.

I realize it might be irrelevant at this point, but given that the record company recently released the video for “Machine Gun Blues”, they at least think this CD has a long sales cycle. And you know what, I agree. Happily punk music and Social Distortion don’t follow whatever norms are left of the so called music “industry”.

I also wanted to give myself time to listen to the CD, record, LP, download whatever you call it these days, front to back and back again numerous times. Experience tells me many of my favorite Social D. songs were weeks, months or even years in the listening. Like some exotic piece of sushi, some of the best songs are an acquired taste. Glaring exceptions are my favorite songs from “White Light, White Heat, White Trash” CD. My first.

Social Distortion

I know, I know, I in no way resemble a professional or even unprofessional music “critic”. What qualifies me to even attempt to analyze and pass on my opinions about a work of music?

Well, I am a massive Social Distortion fan, own every song they’ve put out (and some they haven’t) and while I am partially uncomfortable and wholly unqualified to sit in judgment of what took many, much more talented and gifted people months, or in this case years to put together, I’m doing it anyway.

Now what’s more punk rock than that?

My favorite track on the CD. No lyrics just bad ass guitar melodies from Ness and Co. Full disclosure I first heard this track when Social D. played Mulcahey’s pub in Long Island in 2007. Though I had taken in many a Social D. show, I had uncharacteristically worked my way up to the front couple of “rows” and got my first “up close and personal” if you will, of Social D. live. Since then, I fight and maneuver to the front as much as possible for every punk show. I missed punk during my teenage years so now I’m making up for lost time.

In this instance, Mike Ness came out like an outlaw, bandana over face playing this kick ass tune that I later found out to be “Road Zombie”. It was raucous, it was loud and it was vintage Social D. While, I didn’t know the title of the song at the time and had never heard it before, I liked It straight away and now that it’s finally on the old i-pod, have to force myself to listen no more than 3 times in a row per session or I become like that little rat in a cage in those drug addiction tests. Road Zombie is classic Social Distortion and that’s why it’s my favorite track on the CD and probably in my top 10 of Social D songs of all time.

FAVORITE LYRIC: None. Song doesn’t have lyrics. But I imagine it’s about being on the road, touring so much you’ve become a sleep deprived, guitar playing zombie.

CALIFORNIA HUSTLE AND FLOW: Least favorite track on the CD. Ness channels the Rolling Stones and 70s Elvis with the soulful sounding background singers that for my money, just sound out of place. The Stones are legendary but only “alright” to me and Elvis rocked, even during the fat years (“Suspicious Minds” anyone?) but for Social Distortion this style of music doesn’t fly for me. It comes off bluesy, cheesy and decidedly not the least bit punk.

I respect Ness’s freedom to experiment and after this many years he’s certainly earned the right. But for my money, unless you’re into the Black Crowes, then I’d save the 99 cent download on this one.

FAVORITE LYRIC: None really.

GIMME THE SWEET AND LOWDOWN: This song took a while but it grew on me. And while also a touch bluesy. It has a more modern day social d. sound reminiscent of 2004’s “Sex, Love and Rock N Roll” and would have been at home on that CD.
FAVORITE LYRIC: “You gotta get right or get left don’t you know”

DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH: An altogether very listenable song, this is not vintage or hardcore punk Social Distortion but the lyrics really get to me. I don’t suppose to know what Ness was thinking when he wrote this one, but it seems like a lyric written by a middle aged punk rocker that’s been through some shit and come through it all the wiser. Feels like he’s talking about himself when he was a teen, or maybe passing along a little wisdom to his own young sons. When the harmonies kick in its hard not to sing along.

FAVORITE LYRIC: “You’re dirty and you’re damaged, all you need is a little love”

MACHINE GUN BLUES: I noticed this was all over satellite radio before the CD was release. Epitaph put together a nice video for it, so I guess this is the official “hit single”.

Yet I still dig it. It’s vintage outlaw Social Distortion. Lyrics take you back to another time in Hollywood when Ness might have been a gangster instead of a punk rocker. Once again, the harmonies on “I’m al…..read…y goooo…nnne”.. (Also a good Eagle’s tune) are hard to beat and I love the theme, which could mean onto the next score but also gone from this life, a foregone conclusion that bad guys don’t win. Machine Gun Blues sounds like an ode to Bonnie and Clyde and the 1930s gangster lifestyle. Certainly not Ness’s first. The video ain’t bad either. In the end, the good guy is the bad guy and he gets his just desserts just as the song suggest.

FAVORITE LYRIC: “I’m sorry for the things I’ve done, if indeed we do cross paths it’s nothing personal”

Some people never understand, it’s just business!

BAKERSFIELD: Ah Bakersfield… heard it many a time at Social D. shows as it sapped the energy out of the crowd and sobered the fans right up. But it’s not a bad song at all… it’s just more country-bluesy, ballady rock and roll from Ness and while if I’m ever in the mood for some “easy listening punk” (hey, it happens), this song will be on the playlist, I’d save the 99 cents on the download and get my fill at the concert cause God knows it’s probably gonna get played. BTW, Bakersfield, home to a few good alt-country artists isn’t THAT bad. I wonder how the Social D. fans in Bakersfield feel about this tune when Ness plays it.

FAVORITE LYRIC: “I can’t seem to make it on my own”

FAR SIDE OF NOWHERE: My buddy “Peyo” from the punkabilly band “Rudos Wild” way down in Uruguay said it best when he joked that this was Ness’s “Shania Twain” song. Exactly! “I wake up and drink my coffee…” “The birds are singing”. So glad Ness pulled himself out of the dirt and filth, but Ness is way too happy go lucky on this one. I’m happy he’s happy but I like it best when he writes me songs about the pain and misery! I guess this one’s for the girls??!!


ALONE AND FORSAKEN: This little light weight and predictable ditty grows on you about ½ way through and I can’t accuse Ness to being “too happy” on this one. The melody is mad simple and the lyrics are somewhat sung in a story telling prose. Would I ever download it on its own? Nah… but since it’s on the CD, I give it a good listen every now and again.

FAVORITE LYRIC: “Forsaken, forgotten without any love”.

Been there, felt that.

WRITING ON THE WALL: People might accuse me of losing my edge when I say, I love this song. I’m man enough to admit here publicly that I’m a sentimental wussy more than I usually admit to anyone privately. CONFESSION: I can still tear up when I hear that damned Titanic song! Sorry, was that TMI?

This song sounds like Ness struggling to raise and keep connected to one of his young sons as he’s perhaps reaching that stage when even a rock star dad is not cool anymore. It’s heart tugging, even for me, a dude without kids. Maybe that’s why it connects for me. I probably am at a place in my life where I should / would have expected to have a family and I can imagine what Ness is going through.

Or maybe, he’s just a master lyricist and paints a good if painful picture of the drama in his everyday life. I sure hope his son, if that is indeed who he wrote it for, appreciates it. It’s a classic.

FAVORITE LYRIC: “I’m hopelessly aware of the good and bad traits we share”

CAN’T TAKE IT WITH YOU: Ness revives the soulful backup singers and it seems to work a little better here. And while I generally don’t dig the bluesy elements, I do dig this song and look forward to hearing it in concert sans the 70s style back-up singers.

FAVORITE LYRIC: This song is chock full of ‘em… but “Never seen a hearse with a luggage rack”, not sure if that’s original Ness or not, but it’s simple wisdom that can’t be repeated too often to any credit card carrying North American (of which I’m one).
STILL ALIVE: OK, as any fan knows and as mentioned here before, Ness has been in the punk game for a while, seen a lot of stuff and been through a lot. This song is an ode to his lasting power and while it’s well deserved and perhaps had to be written and recorded, I wouldn’t normally download it.

FAVORITE LYRIC: “With a guitar in my hand I stand a little taller” From the back to the front page. From the gutter to the stage”.

TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF: Yeah man, I dig this goodbye song to a former lover (I assume). This song is hard to classify. I guess it’s just a straight ahead rock and roll ballad but I really dig the lyrics, melody and harmonies in the chorus. It’s definitely hooky and not very hard at all but I still like it.

FAVORITE LYRIC: “I’ll walk away but baby take care of yourself”

I WON’T RUN NO MORE: Ness really ends the CD strong with the last few songs and this song is hooky and once again, not very hardcore punk but alas again, I still would download it. Very listenable.

FAVORITE LYRIC: “And when you’re sick and tired of playing all the games and maybe realize that nothing’s gonna change, you said you wanted less, but you really wanted more. There comes a time in life when you must tell yourself, I won’t run no more”

Amen brother!

DOWN HERE (WITH THE REST OF US) – Acoustic: Not a new song, an acoustic version from the tune off the White Light, White Heat CD…  and a precursor to Ness’s rumored upcoming acoustic CD.

After hearing “Cold Feelings” acoustic live in concert and now this song acoustic I must say I can’t wait for that one. Acoustic has been over done in many genres, but not in punk. This song is a classic and perfectly displays Ness’s ability to meld honky tonk, roots country with punk for that perfect mix of Punkabilly… which is a major reason why I love this band.

FAVORITE LYRIC: “No one’s immune now to a world full of problems. No one’s exempt now from a world of pain?”

“I tried hard now to do the right thing, yet I wonder why I still do what’s wrong”

“That’s the way it goes and I know how you feel”

So what’s my overall recommendation for “Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes”? Well aside from a great title the CD is pretty solid and has some really good gems in there.

If you are a hard core Social Distortion fan from back in the day, it may not be “punk” enough for you. If you’re more of the type of fan who appreciates the wide variety in this legendary band’s body of work, well this is another bullet in that gun and demonstrates Ness’s versatility.

And if you’ve never heard of Social D. at all, give it a listen, you may dig the songs I hate, and hate the songs I dig. I’m not naive enough to believe it’s my way or the highway kind of thing, I often tend to like things others dismiss and dislike things others rave over (electronic music anyone, no pun intended).

And in the end, who cares what I have to say anyway? Well, nonetheless I said it. And whether anyone cares is immaterial to me. But feel free to write to me and tell me how much you care anyway. He, he.

Punk Rock…The Uruguay Way!

Last weekend’s punk show in Montevideo featuring my buddies, Rudos Wild was all it was cracked up to be. A celebration as it was Camilo’s (Guitar Rudos Wild) birthday; a reunion, it was my first time back to Uruguay in almost exactly one year; and most importantly a kick ass punk show.

The show got started off with a very good and talented surf punk band which offered a nice warm up for what was to come next, which was a loud, rollicking good punkabilly time from Rudos Wild.

The guys brought me up on stage to help sing a little Social Distortion and I can’t believe I forgot the words to “Cold Feelings” but no one seemed to notice or mind my mumbling certain parts and it was a nice thrill.

The punks crowd in Montevideo is a dedicated bunch and I want to thank them for their hospitality while I was there. Video from the concert as well as photos and video from the Rudos Wild music video shoot to come soon, but in the meantime, feel free to enjoy the pics from the show!

Returning to The Scene of the Crime

You may recall that about a year ago I was visiting Buenos Aires, Argentina winding up a 3 country trip (Chile, Argentina, Uruguay) when an unscrupulous and fake taxi driver took advantage when I let down my guard.

My man took off with my cameras, passport, computer and most importantly, 3 weeks worth of footage that I had shot for Punktology, the documentary about the worldwide influence of punk music. I chased him down the streets of Buenos Aires in a vicious rain storm like a mad man to no avail.

New Friends from Mundo Bizzaro in Feb. 2010

If you missed it my little adventure, well you can read about the debacle HERE. After years of travel in Latin America it was the first time I had been robbed and it was a pretty low point for me. But as with most bad things that happen in life, there was some good sprinkled in.

After briefly entertaining the idea of cutting the trip short and heading back to NYC, I decided to forge ahead to Montevideo, Uruguay with an intent to beg, borrow or steal (ooops, not steal!) a camera to salvage some footage form my month long trip in really way down south, South America.

Batra at Rehearsal at Salon Pueyrredon in Buenos Aires

Turns out the punks of Montevideo were awesome and came through big time, borrowing various cameras so that I could book some pretty decent interviews. You can still check out in the archives if you like (type “Uruguay” or “Montevideo” in the search bar). Thanks to my amigos in Montevideo, I didn’t return to NYC empty handed.

Now, It’s time I head back, back to the scene of the crime. Back to Buenos Aires not to exact my revenge (though I have day dreamed about what it would be like to see the bald little weasel who took my stuff), but to go back to Salon Pueyrredon to take in a punk show; back to Mundo Bizarro to check out the rockabilly scene and back to Montevideo, Uruguay, where this time Ill have my own camera (with proper sound equipment).  The punks from Buenos Aires and Montevideo should be well represented.

This time, in addition to covering the punk, rockabilly and psychobilly scenes for you, I’m also working on another new, exciting project, a travel show called “Raw Travel” check it out HERE.

Because I’m working on dual projects this time, I have a really tight agenda but here is a preview of what you can expect.

First in Buenos Aires I plan on passing by Salon Pueyreddon again to catch up with my friends there and see how things have changed in a year. This spot is a good spot to see a good live rock or punk show. It’s always full of good people like Kita, the psychobilly bartender, or Maria who runs publicity for the venue or Batra one of the owners or Anita the rockabilly queen.

Psychobilly fan Kituh @ Salon Pueyrredon

We will also stop by Mundo Bizarro where we hope to hook up with manager Pinata  to document the rockabilly scene in BA as well as hopefully repeat our interview with local rockabilly band Los Primitivos which never got published.

If Dos Minutos is around, we’ll hook up with them again and we hope to drop in on a rehearsal with our buddies at Drop Dead Dreams.

Rudos Wild After Rehearsal in Feb. 2010

In Montevideo, we are planning on shooting Rudos Wild for Raw Travel and shoot some footage for a kick ass music video, beginning with their concert at the Apartado Bar on 2/18/11 for Punk Outlaw Records.

Then on 2/21 we’ll be shooting the city sites for Raw Travel. We hope to swing  by our buddies at the Clash City Rockers and Decibilios bars as well!

And if there are punks in Salta, Argentina (we know there are), we hope we’ll be able to tell you all about it as we head there for 4 days of Raw Travel.

But the best part of any trip are the unplanned, spontaneous things that happen. Who knows what might pop up, so stay tuned.

I try to stay open to the unexpected, embrace what the universe throws at me, but I truly hope I’m not chasing a fake taxi driver down the streets of Buenos Aires this time. But life is crazy. You never know.

New Music – From Psychobilly to Pop Punk

Social Distortion

Not sure what’s in the water these days but there is a lot of new music on the horizon. I mean Social Distortion has a new CD out in a matter of days and that happens less often than a presidential election (The last Social D. full release was in 2004).

But a healthy music scene isn’t just judged by the legends touring and putting out new music, but new bands bursting onto the scene.

For me 2010 was a great year of discovering new music from many, many diverse places. Off the top of my head my new music discoveries that are still sticking with me include the “Cobra Skulls” which I saw the Knitting Factory in NYC and wrote about HERE.

Other cool punk bands I discovered in 2010 were from Chicago (I gotta get there soon) called “Juicehead” which I heard on Sirius radio and another one called “Pegboy” which a friend recommended.

On the international front, new music I discovered in 2010 included my boys “Rudos Wild” a punkabilly band from Uruguay and “Los Suziox” a talented punk band from Colombia after visits there for the documentary Punktology.

2011 is off to a quick start as a couple of new bands have hit me up recently telling me about their new releases and while I normally only write or share about bands I’ve actually seen, I thought I’d share the info with you guys, because why should I keep all the goodies to myself.

Tucson's "Moovalya"

The first is an indie pop punk band called Moovalya from Tucson, Arizona. Their sound is very radio friendly and you could definitely imagine them on the Warped Tour some day.And while my taste run a little more narrow and a lot more hard core, there is no arguing the guys are good musicians. You can check out their video below and judge for yourself.

On the complete other end of the spectrum and next up on my radar is a new LA psychobilly band called “Cold Blue Rebels” who have a debut CD coming out as well.  Now eventually, when I’m finished with my South American tour of duty sometime in 2011, we’ll be heading to Los Angeles to live, work and generally soak up the punk, psychobilly and rockabilly scenes. Cold Blue Rebels give me a chance to get a nice head start.

Below is a little Q&A I had with CBR, followed by their music video from their forthcoming CD! Check em out and let me know what you think.

Here is hoping 2011 brings just as much good new punk music as 2010! We’re off to a good start.

Cold Blue Rebels


CBR has been around just over a year now. Things have happened incredibly fast for us. The timing for this band has been perfect. We’ve gone from formation, rehearsals, gigs to record deal and release in one year. Dreams really DO come true!


Rockin’ Horror Psychobilly, heavy on the ‘billy! A cross between the Stray Cats and Alice Cooper, with tongue firmly planted in The Munstermobile.


Ramones, Gene Vincent, Elvis, Nekromantix, The Clash, Stray Cats, Herman Munster, Johnny Cash, KISS.

Yeah, this is our debut CD and it’s called “Blood, Guts n’ Rock & Roll” It is distributed worldwide by Horror High Records and is also available online at AMAZON & iTUNES:

Our CD has 12 tracks on it including a psycho cover of Wanda Jackson’s “Riot In Cell Block #9” , and every song on it is definitely going to stick in your zombie fucking heads! There is some neo-rockabilly, some punk, and even some doo wop on there! We wanted to make an album that stands out from the rest of the psychobilly bands out there, and I think we’ve done it!!  It was important to us to not just be another “punk band with an upright bassplayer”… We’ve got some chops in this band, and when you got it baby, flaunt it!


It depends who you ask really. I’ve been to gigs that are just slammin’, many events by Black Cat Entertainment and Tiger Mask and other promoters around town. Some of the bands are legendary! Guana Bats, The Polecats, Mad Sin… But what I love are the crowds… when it’s an all ages event, they are just tops!


Yes, definitely A LOT of touring in 2011!  We’re doing a Northwest run with The Rocketz during March, and expect to hit the mid-west and Great Lakes shortly after that. Meanwhile we are constantly touring the Southwest all year long because we are conveniently based in Los Angeles.


I think it’s partly because there are many great bands from here, or at least based here. Bands like Tiger Army, Nekromantix, The Rocketz, The Chop Tops. We’ve also got great festivals here that support the genre like Viva Las Vegas, Ink & Iron, and a long list of Car Shows and car clubs.

California is the perfect place to live if you are into rat-rods and old cars, too, which many psychos and ‘billys are into… (I oughta know, I drive a ’56 Ford that I call “Ratty!”) Cool cars and rock n roll music have always gone together. Mix in a little old time California surf music and culture and some classic Hollywood horror film imagery… it’s really the perfect place for all these ingredients to come together.

Yes, thanks for helping us get the word out there. People, buy our CD and come out to see us when we are playing in your area. We love to hang out with and meet our fans. Don’t be shy. We’re hoping to be around for many more years to come, so come on out and cultivate a relationship with us! Cheers!



- Emerging Label Signs Two Latin American Punk Bands, “Rudos Wild” & “Los Suziox” -

New York, NY September 14th, 2010The AIM Tell-A-Vision® Group (AIM TV) announced today the launch of “Punk Outlaw Records” as part of their “Punk Outlaw® Productions content banner. The digital record label will initially focus on 360 degree partnerships importing music from emerging punk & independent artists.

AIM TV Founder, Robert G. Rose, formed Punk Outlaw Records when traveling abroad gathering material for his documentary “Punktology…The Worldwide Influence of Punk”. Rose witnessed firsthand that the DIY (Do It Yourself) spirit of punk music was very much alive and thriving in places where artists sacrificed tremendously to make music in the face of incredibly challenging circumstances.

The new record label’s roster of recently signed artists include “Rudos Wild” (Rough and Wild), a raucous, in your face punk and punkabilly band from Montevideo, Uruguay that has been performing since 2003. Rudos Wild plays straight up classic punk rock heavily influenced by rockabilly, psychobilly and artists such as Social Distortion, The Misfits, Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Stray Cats, The Clash, Tiger Army, The Living End and Reverend Horton Heat to name a few. Rudos Wild has independently recorded two full length CDs and toured extensively in Uruguay, Argentina and Chile.

Punk Outlaw Records also recently signed “Los Suziox” (The Dirty) a talented punk band hailing from the working class barrios of Medellin, Colombia. Los Suziox (LSZX) has independently recorded several tracks with a large repertoire of socially conscious songs that has garnered them legions of loyal fans in their native Colombia and throughout Latin America. LSZX’s musical influences are diverse and include bands like Stiff Little Fingers, Klamydia, The Addicts, The Clash, Konflikt, Ramones, Minor Threat, The Meteors & Stray Cats to name a few.

“Latin America is a hotbed of punk music and culture. Rudos Wild and Los Suziox represent the diversity and quality of the music being made there.” states Robert G. Rose, president of Punk Outlaw Records.

“American Latinos having a rich history of contributions and are a powerful force in the punk, psychobilly and rockabilly scenes in the U.S. today. With the changing nature of the music business and the declining influence of major labels, now is the perfect time to start an indie label that will help artists get their music to a wider audience. Our goal is to provide a platform to expose talented artists to a group of fans otherwise not able to experience important music that demands to be heard” Rose continues.

AIM TV Group and Punk Outlaw are wholly owned subsidiaries of Artist and Idea Management, Ltd, the pioneering creators of the long running, English language syndicated television series, American Latino TV and LatiNation which were sold to Los Angeles based LATV Networks in 2008 and are still airing in the U.S. via broadcast syndication and cable today.

For more information visit www.PunkOutlawRecords.com and www.AIMTVGroup.com

AIM Tell-A-Vision Group
Tel (646) 644-6153

# # #



- Discografica Emergente Firma a Dos Bandas de Punk Latinoamericanas, “Rudos Wild” & “Los Suziox” -

Nueva York, NY 14 de septiembre de 2010- El AIM Tell-A-Vision ® Group (AIM TV) anunció hoy el lanzamiento de “Punk Outlaw Records “ como parte de su contenido de banner de Punk Outlaw Productions ®. El sello discográfico digital inicialmente se centrará en asociaciones de 360 grados, importando música de punk y artistas independientes emergentes.

Robert G. Rose, fundador de AIM TV, formo a Punk Outlaw Records después de viajar al extranjero y reunir material para su documental “Punktology … La Influencia Mundial del Punk”. Rose fue testigo a primera mano que el espíritu DIY (Do It Yourself/Hazlo Tu Mismo) de la música punk estaba muy viva y pujante en lugares donde los artistas se sacrifican enormemente para crear música ante circunstancias increíblemente difíciles.

La lista de artistas recientemente firmadas por el nuevo sello discográfico incluyen “Rudos Wild”, una banda punk estridente, en tu cara, y punkabilly desde Montevideo, Uruguay, que se ha estado llevando a cabo desde 2003. Rudos Wild siempre se ha interpretado directamente como punk rock clásico cual es fuertemente influenciado por el rockabilly, psychobilly y artistas como Social Distortion, The Misfits, Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Stray Cats, The Clash, Tiger Army, The Living End y Reverend Horton Heat para nombrar algunos. Rudos Wild ha independientemente grabado dos discos de larga duración y salieron de gira en Uruguay, Argentina y Chile.

Punk Outlaw Records también ha recientemente firmado “Los Suziox” una talentosa banda de punk que provienen de los barrios de clase trabajadora de Medellín, Colombia. Los Suziox (LSZX) ha registrado varias pistas de forma independiente con un gran repertorio de canciones socialmente consciente de que ha cosechado legiones de fieles seguidores en su natal Colombia y en toda América Latina. Las influencias musicales de LSZX son muy variadas e incluyen bandas como Stiff Little Fingers, Klamydia, The Addicts, The Clash, Konflikt, Ramones, Minor Threat, The Meteors & Stray Cats por nombrar algunos.

“América Latina es un semillero de la música punk y la cultura. Rudos Wild y Los Suziox representan la diversidad y la calidad de la música que se hizo allí. “, Expresó Robert G. Rose, presidente de Punk Outlaw Records.

“Latinoamericanos ya teniendo una rica historia de contribuciones y son una fuerza poderosa en la escenas del punk, psychobilly y rockabilly en los EE.UU. de hoy. Con la naturaleza cambiante de la industria musical y la decreciente influencia de las grandes discográficas, ahora es el momento perfecto para comenzar un sello independiente que ayudara a los artistas a llevar su música a un público más amplio. Nuestro objetivo es proporcionar una plataforma para exponer artistas con talento a un grupo de fans que de otro modo no podrán experimentar música importante cual exige ser escuchada “, continuó Rose.

AIM TV Group y Punk Outlaw son filiales de propiedad total de Artist and Idea Management, Ltd, los creadores pioneros de la serie de televisión sindicada de idioma Inglés, American Latino TV y LatiNation, cuales se vendieron en el 2008 a LATV Networks basados en Los Angeles y cuales aún se transmiten en los EE.UU. a través de transmisiones sindicadas y cable en la actualidad.

Para obtener más información, visite www.PunkOutlawRecords.com y www.AIMTVGroup.com

AIM Tell-A-Vision Group
Tel (646) 644-6153

# # #

Interview with Uruguay’s “Trotsky Vengaran”

With Trotsky Vengaran

Back in February, I almost canceled a long planned trip to Uruguay from Argentina. I’m sure glad I didn’t. There is some really good punk music down in Uruguay with bands like “Rudos Wild”,  “Los Ultimos de Los Ramones” (Last of the Ramones), “Buitres” and  “Rameres Punk” playing some kick ass punk music down south.

The guys from a band that has been around for a while called “Trotsky Vengeran” were especially entertaining for me to interview, maybe because they spoke some English, and I could understand almost all their answers, but probably more because they are some genuinely funny and entertaining dudes.

After the interview, they loaded me up on CDs and DVDs and when I got back to the states I found myself listening more and more to their music on my i-pod. They have some really great stuff from soccer themed sing alongs to rowdy, short and sweet punk anthems.

They guys have toured most of Latin America with offers to tour even more but now they have families and responsibility so they prefer to stay home in Uruguay. But who knows, maybe someday we can coax them up north to the U.S. because I tell you their music really translates well and I think they are first class musicians.

Check the segment below and see for yourself.

(Special thanks to Camila from “Rameres Punk” and Cabeza from “Los Ultimos de Los Ramones” for helping us line up the interview).

Punkabilly Heads South With Rudos Wild

Uruguayan Punkabilly Band "Rudos Wild"

You may have noticed by now that I’m very high on Uruguayan rockabilly band “Rudos Wild”. It’s not just their music that is infectious, it’s their personality, their love for their craft and their willingness to do whatever it takes to be able to perform.

That is, in my opinion, the truest definition of artistry and the punk rock philosophy. But don’t take my word for it, check them out in this exclusive interview we taped with them down in Montevideo, Uruguay in February. Enjoy and let me know what you think.

South American Punkabilly With Rudos Wild

MONTEVIDEO, URAGUAY – Final Night In South America

Birthday Boy: Peyo from Rudos Wild

My month long trip to South America was coming to a close. My laundry,  too much, too dirty and me tan,but not TOO tan, very relaxed and maybe, just maybe, getting better at speaking Spanish. Clocking in at 30 days on the dot almost, this had been my longest trip ever, a test of sorts really, to see how I’d fare on a trip this far away for this long.

Pros: I was relaxed, I was tan, I had lost 5 lbs (thanks I believe to the natural South American food and a stricter work out regime) and I had made numerous friends and been turned on to the Chile/Argentina/Uruguay punk, rockabilly & psychobilly scenes.

Cons: First, I got sick as a dog in Chile, THEN I threw my back out in Argentina (again) at the gym and could barely move for 3 days, and, ouch, still hurts to think about, in a moment of vulnerability (and temporary stupidity) was robbed of all my video & photo equipment, passport, etc.

Then to top it all off, there was a devastating earthquake in Chile just two days prior to me going back, thus forcing me to reroute my return trip home and canceling a planned interview with Chilean psychobilly band the Vodoo Zombies.

CONCLUSION: It was a great trip.. my only regret being the lost footage and photos (and the earthquake of course).

Camilo of Rudos Wild sporting a classic punk rock stance!

So how would I spend my final day in the deep south of South America? By hitting a punkabilly concert of course!

The one good thing about rerouting my trip meant I had an extra night in Montevideo, meaning I could now attend the much anticipated Rudos Wild concert Sunday night. So I threw on my Rudos Wild T-shirt that bass player Leonardo had given me the previous day and headed over to the Decibelios club.

Leonardo of Rudos Wild sporting a Tennessee whiskey t-shirt!

The concert was also a celebration of lead singer’s Peyo’s birthday, who I think was turning 29, so I knew this would probably be equal parts party and concert. It was a Sunday night so the crowd was a bit smaller than normal, but those who were out were a rowdy, dedicated bunch.

The Rudos Wild fans showed up to support and wish Peyo “Feliz Cumple Anos” (yes, I am aware the little squiggly tilde thing goes over the “n” in anos, but I don’t know how to do it, so happy anus Peyo, which is basically what it means without the tilde).

Sancho of Rudos Wild sporting no shirt

About half way through the set, Peyo had some problems with his guitar but like a true punk and in true DIY fashion, the guys kept going with 2 guitars and Peyo singing lead.They played equal parts covers of Johnny Cash and Social Distortion along with their own unique Spanish songs which range from hardcore to punkabilly to straight up punk. They ended the set with a nice Roots Radicals cover from Rancid which the couple of skinheads in the crowd really got into.

Peyo sans Guitar sporting a Viva Las Vegas shirt

After the concert I hung around outside and shared in some more beer and took some photos with the band and their friends.

After the concert with Rudos Wild & friends (me sporting my new Rudos Wild shirt)

But alas I had to get up early and pack and get ready to head back to the states (and my harsh reality?) so I bid adieu. The guys insisted on helping me get a taxi and stuffed my hands full of Rudos Wild Stickers, a copy of their soon to be released CD (which I can’t wait to listen to) and gave hugs all around.

On the way back to the hotel I couldn’t help but wonder how it was Peyo’s birthday but I was the one who ended up with all the presents.

Because I didn’t have my normal HDTV camera, this video was recorded with my little panasonic digital still camera, hardly ideal sound or lighting.  So please bear in mind when viewing the video.